The future of advertising,
according to the next generation

Our mission

We think brands should support culture, not exploit it


Collaborate with creators

Our movement is all about supporting independent creators. We help brands work with emerging talent in new ways that grow the scene.


Support the next generation

Almost every young person we meet wants to be their own boss. It’s a new mindset and in order for brands to survive they need to help support and develop the next generation or risk being left to the infinite trolls on YouTube.


Have a transparent mission

It’s not enough to just use the culture and leave. Everyone hates that. We help brands identify their role and develop a mission that brings value to the scene instead of just taking. An approach that should lead to iconic, relevant, loved brands.

Our generation feel disconnected from modern advertising. We love brave companies that take risks and have a clear purpose. Most of the others float around only ever winning a passing gaze. By taking a more purposeful approach, we think brands can become iconic and valuable to society.


we're not just a few,
it’s a global movement



My Panda Shall Fly

25k Reach

400k Plays

With a handful of releases, My Panda Shall Fly is making his mark on the abstract electronic music scene in a unique & eccentric way.



Data Transmission

25k Reach

400k Plays

An unpretentious, professionally-run dance music magazine. After all, who does a bad review help? We’d rather tell you about the good stuff…



East London Skate Scene

25k Reach

400k Plays

We have access to trendsetters from all aspects of our culture, be it fashion, music, art or tech. These are the connectors; the ones making the scene what it is.

Our growing network of talent are leaders in their scenes. We work with underground brands from record labels to publishers and creatives who are pushing boundaries in their niche. Find out more on how you can collaborate with us.

Explore the network

We’re inspired by the way visionary creators did things

Involve the scene

First we translate your mission in a way that makes sense to the culture. By involving our network as early as possible we can navigate niche scenes and identify key opportunities and insights that are most relevant.

Experiment & iterate

The greatest films were not made by just throwing millions at a script; the best directors tried to be visionary, never accepting the status-quo. Whether it’s content or an integrated strategy; we like to take a similar approach by experimenting and collaborating. When it comes to modern advertising we’re all in agreement that we could learn a lot from the film & tech world; so we try to.

Launch & report

When it’s time to go live we make sure that key metrics are being measured and you have access to the most relevant reports; if you love the approach we then find ways to grow and keep learning to meet the mission.

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